Writing by Terrie Hellard Brown

Books and Free Writing Materials on Devotion, Christian Education,
and Discipleship for Individuals and Familes

Devotional Books

"What a sweet devotional borne out of a mother's loving heart."

Gwendolyn Niblock review of A Mother's Look at the Father's Heart

"Read it like a novel instead of a devotional! I started reading & couldn't stop!"

Hooked on Yarn review of A Mother's Look at the Father's Heart

Heroes of Faith: Brave and Strong

A Bible study guide for the whole family

A six-week interactive bible study based on the book of David that includes:
Excellent for homeschoolers, house churches, or family devotional times! Available as a digital download.
Parents reading a book with their child

Free Christian Education Materials

Skits and dramas for use in churches and youth groups.

Free to use, but you may not resell or charge attendance. Contact Terrie for more information and music.​

Lessons and Carols from our Taiwan Mission

Many churches do Lessons and Carols that follow a prescribed set of lessons. Not being from those traditions, our church in Taiwan developed its own tradition. Each Christmas season we would seek what God wanted us to focus on and learn. These non-traditional Lessons and Carols are free to use.

Additional Lessons

Monologues and Dialogues of Biblical People

I love writing monologues (and occasionally dialogues), especially for Easter. I have used poetic license and have imagined each character’s personality based on Scripture.