New Podcast: Books that Spark-July 7, 2020

Tuesday, July 7, 2020, I launch my podcast Books that Spark, a podcast for parents and other caregivers where I review books that spark imagination, emotion, questions, and conversations creating teachable moments with our kids. (Be sure to check out the announcement at the end of this post to enter the giveaway).

The Spark of Inspiration

This came about from a young mom at a speaker’s conference I attended. She asked if I could create a list of books that Christians could feel good about buying and reading with their kids. (I’ve created that list, and you can get it for free when you sign up for my mailing list, plus another freebie of a phoneme book I put together).

I’ve been a teacher for years, and I LOVE teaching literature whether it’s Dr. Seuss or Shakespeare. I love sharing stories and starting conversations about important life topics. In addition, I feel a profound responsibility that we disciple our kids. God gave us the kids in our lives. The Bible tells us they are gift from Him. With that gift is a responsibility to help them navigate life and learn God’s truth and plan for their lives. I’m not sure there is anything more important than this calling in our lives.

Also, as you can see, with the awesome help of Angie Isaacs, I’ve launched a new web site. She’s been such a blessing to work with. If you need a new website, I highly recommend Angie’s work.

Other Changes

So, what’s going on? Why all the changes?

First, I finally feel I’ve found the direction God has for me in my ministry and writing.

I’ve kind of felt like I was waffling between all my interests and hadn’t really found my place. Two years ago (Feb. 2018), God began to clarify the direction He had for me. Since then, I’ve tried to follow that direction, and that brings us to this place today.

Second, I want to make a difference!

I want to meet needs. It’s no good just to be busy and doing stuff. I want my writing and speaking to bless people and help them. My heart goes out to the exhausted 20-to-30-something mom who has young kids at home and sometimes feels like life is too heavy. I’m hoping I can be a voice of hope, reason, and help in your life.

Third, helping the next generation know God is more important that anything I can think of.

We’ve let down this current generation by embracing too much of the world and not enough of the Word. I LOVE that those I know from this generation who love God are so on-fire for Him. They are determined to live a life that makes a difference. But too many have never really even heard the Truth of God. They’ve heard a warped description given to them by a world that doesn’t know the Truth. We aren’t giving our children a chance to make a choice to follow Christ or to reject Christ if they’ve never met the real Christ. We’re creating a simple human default toward rejecting Christ before they ever had a chance to know Who He is or what He truly did.

So, that’s where my passion lies and my purpose and calling seems to be: in writing children’s books that honor the Christian worldview, finding ways to disciple our children, and in encouraging the parents and caregivers of today who are often overwhelmed.


The first episode airs on July 7th, and I’m also posting a 12-mini-lesson class called Parental Guidance Requested. It’s a mini version of a workshop I offer to churches and parenting groups. This is yours for free through the end of July. You are free to listen and download these as long as you do it by July 31st. In addition, I’m hosting a GIVEAWAY! I will choose two winners on July 31st.

To Enter:

Download the 12 mini-lessons and comment on the first episode of the podcast to let me know you’ve done that.

That’s it! I would love to hear what you think of the new podcast too and any questions you may have, but if you just say “I got ‘em” in the comments, it will enter you in the contest.

First prize:

Praying the Scriptures for Your Children
The Jesus Storybook Bible
The Storybook Bible Coloring Book

Second prize:

The Bedtime Devotions with Jesus Bible

I’m excited to see what God has planned. I would appreciate your prayers for the podcast and for those who listen. I pray they will be blessed.

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