Michelle Lazurek Interview and Surrendering to God

In this episode we interview author and speaker Michelle Lazurek and talk about surrendering to God. What does that look like? Can we really surrender completely to God? Come join the conversation! 

Show Notes:

Terrie (01:15):

Welcome to “Everyday Discipleship, Every Day” where we discuss discipleship in the 21st century, guided by biblical discipleship, a Christian worldview, and individual needs while discipling our children as well. I’m your host Terrie Hellard-Brown, and currently I have been releasing my discipleship book on my blog where you can download that for free and use it in your own life or with discipling someone else or in your church, and I hope it blesses you. You can find that on my website, which is terriehellardbrown.com. And today I’m really excited to share with you, we have a wonderful conversation with Michelle Lazurek, and she has written some wonderful books that I can’t wait for you to hear about, and we talk quite a bit about what it means to surrender, what it means to trust God, and that’s really at the core of it all is do we really trust the one we call God?

Terrie (02:17):

And what is our vision of who He is and how do we picture Him and how do we walk as faithful believers in Christ? So let’s listen to the conversation. I know it’s going to challenge you and I hope it encourages you as well. Thank you for joining us today. Today we have a very special guest with us. Michelle Lazurek is with us and she’s an author, a pastor’s wife, and she has a book out that is just something we need and it’s called I Surrender All (Sort Of): Laying Down Our Plans so God Can Do the Impossible. So Michelle, thank you so much for joining us.

Michelle (02:55):

Hi Terrie. Thanks so much for having me. Appreciate it.

Terrie (02:57):

Well, what sparked the inspiration for this book?

Michelle (03:00):

Okay, so what I love about writing and what I love about my writing journey is there is nothing really that I have written that I haven’t lived through. They are mostly personal experiences or something that God is doing in my life that I wanna write about so I can give hope to others who might be struggling with the same thing. So in 2019, right before Covid, 2020, that was probably one of the toughest years of my life and not just because of Covid. So I had always struggled with anxiety ever since I was a child and I had learned coping mechanisms to adapt to my anxiety, but those coping mechanisms stopped working around that time I was having a lot of work tensions and- and personal issues that kind of all culminated into what used to be these kind of flutters or little fleeting things of anxiety to ways of panic that I could not stop.

Michelle (04:01):

And I often likened it to, do you know, it was the button that they used to sell from Staples and it would push it and it’d say that was easy. Like it felt like somebody was constantly pushing some sort of button in me and I couldn’t get it to stop, so I would literally wake up panicked and I would go to sleep panicked, and I remember one night just laying in bed staring up at the ceiling and I had my iWatch on and the iWatch has this app on it where you can track your heart rate and your pulse and my pulse, and I’m just sitting there laying down 139, 140, 144. Like this is like heart attack range and I can’t get it to stop, and it’s like this, I feel like I’m on a boat in the ocean and I can’t get the waves of panic to stop.

Michelle (04:46):

It just kind of came and it went and it came and it went and I could never get it to stop, and so it got to a point where I just couldn’t live that way anymore. I couldn’t function normally anymore, and so I had to seek the help of professionals in my life that were going to help me combat that, give me coping mechanisms and strategies to help me cope with some of the things that I was dealing with, and so in those moments when you’re not functioning normally and there really was no part of my life that that disorder didn’t touch, you know, it impacted my family, it impacted my marriage, my finances were impacted. Of course my health was impacted. There was really nothing of my life that I had control over anymore, and there, it’s in those moments when you, when you’re feeling completely out of control, that God really does give us the answer and that is to surrender.

Michelle (05:38):

And so that really is what the book was about, was about laying down all the areas of our life so that God can work and do things that only He can do. We choose to lay it down. And I had once I was thinking about how to write this book after I praise God was healed from, you know, from the anxiety, I still have medication I take from time to time, but it… Nowhere near at the spot I was four years ago, but I, as I was thinking about how to write this book, he reminded me of a situation that happened in one of my first churches. I was on the worship team and the team was singing the traditional hymn, I Surrender All, and so when we were done, the guy just kind of laughed and he put his guitar down and we all just kind of said, “What are you laughing about?”

Michelle (06:22):

And he said, well, he said, “We surrender some but do we surrender all?” and we all just kind of looked at each other and said, “What are you talking about?” and he said, “Well there’s definitely parts of our lives that we don’t give over to God fully,” He said, “there’s parts that we keep back from Him.” And I remember thinking, “Yeah, you’re kind of right. There are certainly parts of my life that I wasn’t giving over fully to God because I wanted to keep in control and I didn’t trust God fully in those moments.” And so when you’re having a health crisis, like what I had, there is no control. There is no such thing as control anymore. And as someone like me who is like a type A, you know, I am a go-getter. I like to make my way into life. I don’t let the moss grow under my feet for very long. I’m someone who likes to take the chances in life and and go I am a go-getter, and so in that moment there was no go-getting for me. There was just me laying there and surrendering, and so God really had to teach me the concept of surrender, a concept that I thought I understood because I had control over parts of my life… But when I really gave over fully my life, that’s when God really met me in some very special and intimate ways.

Terrie (07:38):

How did that kind of surrender change your walk with God? What were the biggest things you noticed in in your life that changed?

Michelle (07:47):

So the anchor verse for this book is Exodus 14 and it’s the verse where the Israelites are surrounded, they think they’re gonna die. Moses has led them there, and so what do they do? They go and complain to Moses, “Why’d you send us here? We didn’t wanna be here, we’re gonna die,” and Moses says to them in verses 13 and 14, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. Egyptians you see today, you will never see again. The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.” And that’s so counterintuitive because when you are facing death and you have your own weapons, the natural impulse of human nature is going to be to wield that sword and protect yourself, but the Lord here is saying, “Once you lay it down, that’s when I can work.”

Michelle (08:39):

And so the entire rest of that passage in Exodus is about what God did through the miraculous because they chose to lay their weapons down and they actually were able to further their journey and He didn’t let them die. And so, they had to stand firm but they also had to lay down their weapons, and so that for me was something that I had to learn, and I still continue to learn. I am certainly still learning that it’s not something that comes easy to me, but I am getting better at it when I’m having one of those times where the spiritual attack is just over and over and over again and I’m being hit with thing after thing after thing to the point where I’m literally just like, “God, you just got to take it because I just can’t, I can’t do this without you anymore.”

Michelle (09:26):

And so when I’m able to kind of lay down control, that’s really when God works in ways that I just, I could never have opened doors that I have opened to me now if I hadn’t learned or was willing to learn about that concept, so I think the biggest way that my life changed through that, and again this is an ongoing struggle, I’m certainly not an expert in it at all, is about laying down control because I’m a type A proactive and I like to be in control of everything because I want my outcomes the way that I want them, and when I was able to lay things down, every area of my life really was out of control. That’s really when God was able to work.

Terrie (10:07):

That’s awesome. Okay, this is where I struggle. I’m also a type A personality and I recognize that even though I think I control things, I really don’t control most of the things I think I do. I especially see that with my adult children because we think as parents that we control our children, which we never really do. How can we even more come to that place of surrender with our children, with areas that we think we have control of? Walk us through that. How do we surrender? How do we come to God and and really relinquish that supposed control?

Michelle (10:47):

If I knew that, I would be able to answer that for you. I’d be a millionaire if I knew how to answer that. You know, I think… I think the more that I read the word and the more I see myself in every person that’s highlighted there, when I first became a Christian at the age of 18, I would read the Bible but those were just like distant people like way off somewhere, and they were just examples of stuff I had to learn, but as I’ve come to know the Lord more intimately in these years, I have just come to understand that I am like each one of them more than I think and probably even more than I wanna admit, and so as I learn more about myself, the more I realize that you know, these people struggle just like us and yet God still loves them and He still uses them for His glory, and so we still live, especially those in America, we still live under the guise of the American dream where we pull ourselves up from our bootstraps and we get things done and we work hard, and we hope that when we get to heaven, that God will balance out the scales between what we did, our sin and His grace, and we hope that they will balance in the end, and the reality is that that’s not at all how Christianity works. It’s the only religion that boasts of a God who says it’s finished, and I just love that, that I, even in my worst, even in those moments where my life literally it was falling apart around me and I could do nothing to stop it and I was, I still held on hope that God would turn it around and He did.

Michelle (12:30):

By God’s grace He did, and again, I am doing more now for the kingdom than I was before because I was willing to lay it down, and I think part of it is just, and I know this sounds so simplistic, but just in our trust that’s when we’re able to surrender control, and I know for me I have major trust issues, so that is so not something that comes easy to me by any stretch. Especially to a God that I’ve never met personally. So it’s really hard to let go or especially when I’ve had situations in my life that have not gone the way that I’ve planned and it’s caused me emotional or physical or mental pain and I don’t want those things to happen to me again. That’s just human nature. Our human nature is to protect ourselves, exactly like what happened in Exodus 14, is, you wanna protect yourself, you wanna keep yourself from harm and and indulge in pleasure. That’s the basic definition of being human. We’re selfish and we wanna keep things the way we wanna keep them so that we can enjoy pleasure and avoid pain, and the reality is that God promises us that there will be trouble in our lives.

Michelle (13:35):

There is no doubt in our minds that that will happen. What we choose to do with that pain and how we react to it is the difference, and when I was able to let go of the things of my life that I could not control, which was pretty much everything at that time and I really just had to say, just give it up and just be like, well God, you just take it, and for a long time that really was how I defined surrender was just kind of like, you know, just hold up your hands and you cross them across your chest and you lay back in your seat and you’re just like, eh Lord, just take it. I’m not gonna do anything anymore. And the reality is that surrender- sometimes surrender is the most proactive thing you can do in your spiritual walk. Sometimes praying or wasting time in prayer with the Lord is sometimes the most proactive thing you can do.

Michelle (14:20):

That’s when God speaks to me the most is in my quiet time. It’s the times when I’m completely focused on Him and not focused on any other distraction. So I do think when we avoid distractions and we’re actually willing to be proactive in our prayer time with God and really, I mean like crying out to God, not just you know, take it whatever, when it’s more, when we’re more proactive in our lives and we’re really crying out to God deeply, that’s when God really meets us in our moments, and that’s when God uses me, that’s when He grows me the most, and that’s when I’m able to be used most for Him because I don’t have anything of my own merit to take with me except the Lord, and I think I’m just, as we’re talking now,

Michelle (15:11):

I’m thinking about, there’s a passage in Luke, I think it’s Luke 9 and it’s where He sends out the 72 apostles out into the community and He says, take nothing with you. No bag, no money, no food, nothing. That just seems so cruel when you read it cause you’re like, you give them absolutely nothing except their clothes on their back and another person to walk alongside of them. That’s it, and they’re to go into their community and He promises them that they will be like sheep among wolves and they’re to go out into their community and preach the gospel and heal the sick and drive out demons. Yeah, no, because that’s easy to do with nothing, and yet God, that’s really His litmus test for His apostles is you’re going to rely on me for everything and even when the people slam the door in your face because they don’t wanna be associated with you because the persecution is high right now, I’ll provide for you people who will open their door to you and will extend hospitality to you, provide for your needs, and in so doing, you’ll be strong enough and equipped enough to go out to the community and face more persecution but drive out demons and heal the sick and preach the gospel. Cause that’s what I came for, and we really, we come out of our womb when we’re born with nothing. When we die we have nothing except for our families and things, the people that we’ve loved. That’s really what we come away with. But really all we have is God our entire lives and we fool ourselves into believing that we have all this control over our lives, and that we can do or say anything without Him. When we can rid ourselves of that fallacy, that’s when we learn to surrender.

Terrie (16:50):

That’s excellent. Yes, that. Rid ourselves of that fallacy for sure. And I think, two of the main points I hear you saying too is trust is at the core, and I think for me that’s been the issue too. When I’ve talked about surrender and agonized over it at times it comes down to trust. Do I trust God to provide, do I trust God to take care of my kids? You know, when I was a young mom, I always thought I was so afraid to just let go and say God, I put my kids in your hands, because I thought the worst thing I could ever experience would be if one of my children died, and for some reason in my wee little brain, I thought if I surrendered them to God, one of them would die. There was no logic there.

Terrie (17:35):

But you know, that’s kind of what we do. If I surrender to God, He is gonna send me to Africa. You know, it’s always “if I surrender,” so it’s a lack of trust in His character, in His plan, in that He knows who we are and who He’s created us to be, and He is not gonna call us to go somewhere we’re not, that He’s not equipping us for, He’s not going to have us walk through something that He doesn’t give us the grace to walk through, and when I came to that point, I constantly quoted that scripture, “My grace is enough, my grace is sufficient,” you know, and held onto that, and that enabled me to then just let go and, and trust Him and surrender as, as the best I could, and of course like you say, we have to do it constantly because that’s who we are.

Terrie (18:23):

But the other thing I hear you saying is grace, and we say we live by, you know, grace, that we have faith through grace and we’re saved by that, but yet we don’t always live that in our walk with God. We’re a works mentality people because that’s who we are as humans, and yet we need to come to that place, and I think surrender is the place where we fully embrace His grace and understand we have nothing to offer Him. We are spiritually bankrupt. He saves us completely. Our works are totally an outflow, an overflow of His spirit working in our lives and we’re still offering nothing that He isn’t really enabling us to do. I think that’s kind of the treadmill, so to speak that we’re on as believers and if we can grasp that, it can set us free.

Michelle (19:18):

What’s so important, what I think is interesting about what you just mentioned before about giving your kids over to God and that one of them would die or if I surrender myself to God, He is sending me to Africa. There’s a lie behind that, and the lie behind it, number one is that God’s plan is not good and therefore God is not good, and who was the first person that told us that God’s plan was not good? That’s right. Satan, in Eden, it’s the same lie he’s been telling since the beginning of time. Questioning God’s plan because they thought He was withholding something, they wanted control over the entire garden. They couldn’t get it, so Satan tricked them into taking control because they believed they were missing out on something and therefore reinforcing the lie that God’s plan for them was not good. Even though Adam knew fully what the plan was cause God had told him and that Adam and Eve, therefore God Himself could not be good because why would He withhold any good thing? And so when they start to question, that’s when the whole thing down spirals, and that’s what happens to us when we believe that God’s plan or God is not good when we believe that lie and that His goodness may cause us pain, but that pain may not cause us, it may cause us hurt, but it won’t cause us harm. Because they’re two very different things. One, we can differentiate between the two and understand that our spiritual lives are about God’s goodness for better or for worse in our lives, and understand that God is doing this for a reason in our lives when we believe the truth that God is always good all the time, no matter what we’re going through.

Terrie (20:59):

That’s right.

Michelle (20:59):

That’s when we really can surrender and give control. Because why wouldn’t you give control over to a good God whose plan is good for us?

Terrie (21:07):

Amen. That’s good. And I think too, some of us get an idea that God is like Zeus or something, you know, that that maybe that’s where Zeus came from, was people thinking this was what God was like. That He is up there with a thunderbolt ready to zap us when we mess up or that He’s a trickster and the only trickster we deal with is Satan, he’s the one trying to bend the truth, steal, kill, and destroy, and we need to recognize that God is trustworthy, He is good, so true. But we get so messed up in our thinking if we’re not careful. Okay. As I was looking at your trailer for your book, cause I haven’t gotten to read the book yet, I can’t wait to get it and read it, but it did remind me of the scripture in Luke that says, if we’re going to be Christ disciples, we must deny ourselves.

Terrie (21:59):

You know, take up our cross daily and and follow Him, and I thought that’s really what we’re talking about here with surrender is daily denying ourselves, putting on the cross our desires, following Christ and His desires, but knowing that that is the best thing for us. Because He knows what is best, He knows His plan and it is a good plan and it just kind of brings it all together, and if we don’t get this, if we don’t understand surrender, are we really walking faithfully with God? Are we really in the right place when He shows us that we’re holding back, that we’re trying to control, that’s a sign that we’re getting ready to step into sin or step into a wrong way, I would think. Would you agree with that or what would you say about that?

Michelle (22:50):

Yeah, it’s… Surrender is such a tough… It’s such a tough thing. Denying yourself is such a tough thing. Anybody that I’ve… I’ve been a pastor’s wife now for 23 years. 23 years, and 24 years in January, and I’ve seen my share of Christians, and I’ll tell you the most common thing that I see or hear whether it’s implied or explicitly stated is that Christians think because they read it, they know it and that they can apply it every day, and I dare them to get past some of the passages that you just mentioned, like denying yourself daily, picking up your cross or do not be anxious about anything or give a reason for the hope that you have or that many other passages of scripture that are nearly impossible in the world that we live in to live out every day, and I just, surrender is such a hard concept, but it’s such a needed concept.

Michelle (23:42):

I think again, like you said, we’re battling a lot of different things like society’s views of what that Christianity looks like, which is a lot of workspace, so if you’re not measuring up in the same way that they are, sometimes a church or a local church may want to ostracize someone because they’re not measuring up the way they think they should or they’re not looking the way they should or not doing the things they think they should. God does not work that way anymore. Where if you have bad behavior, He punishes, and if you do good things, God rewards. That’s a very naive way to look at it. But yet a lot of Christians still believe that that’s what we hold onto because we believe in a workspace society that if you do good, good will come to you. That’s karma. That’s the lie.

Terrie (24:30):

That’s right.

Michelle (24:31):

There’s no such thing as karma. You know, many people I know that are of ill repute character wise, that God prospers too many, and I’ve also seen people who are good people that are trying to do the right thing every day and who love the Lord and are being just whammed with spiritual attack every day, and I wrestle with those types of things as I think any of us do, and that’s why we have the division that we have today, is because we think, oh well you know, the government will save us, or if we just do enough things like we used to do back in the several generations ago, that somehow we’ll go back to a peripheral nation. You know, the reality is that hearts are hearts. We can’t change people’s hearts, but we can point them to the one who does.

Michelle (25:21):

And so if the Holy Spirit is not present in our churches, and Satan’s doing a fabulous job of that too, where the Holy Spirit really isn’t a part of our services. I think my husband, when he preached once, it’s one of my favorite quotes he’s ever used and I’m blanking cause I don’t have it in front of me. I can’t, I can’t think of it right now, but it’s basically 95% of the things that we do in churches would cease if the Holy Spirit were gone and no would would notice, and that really is the crux of Christianity today. Sometimes we like to make programs and we like to make things neat and tidy. If you go to this program, you would, you enlist yourself in membership, you serve on a team, you do these types of things somehow life will go better for you and you’ll be the good Christian person that we want you to be.

Michelle (26:09):

But the reality is, is that our hearts are wicked and deceitful who can know them, and so if we don’t have the Holy Spirit guiding directing us, we’re not anchored to the word. We can’t tell the difference between right and wrong, which is becoming more difficult as years go on, then we have this major difficulty of how do we then when you say things like you have to deny yourself and pick up your cross, that it’s foreign. It’s foreign to us in a world that’s very comfortable. America is a very comfortable place for us right now. So to deny ourselves, especially when I can go on social media and tell people whatever I want, whenever I want. It’s really hard to not understand that that really is affecting and influencing us as Christians today, and 95% of what we post on social media and what we say on social media is really not needed. If we spend more time on our knees praying for our country and praying for people than we do about posting on social media to our friends, cause we think we’re doing something, the world would probably be a much better place.

Terrie (27:04):


Michelle (27:05):

So when we say things like, let’s deny ourselves, let’s take away the works, it’s foreign to some people because when you don’t have the Holy Spirit, if you can’t think of a time when God has been at work in your life over the past week or month, you’re not looking in the right place, and if you can’t answer that question and you’re not filled with joy over the things that you see God doing, cause you’re in tune with His spirit, you’re looking in the wrong place.

Terrie (27:27):

Amen. I remember the story of Saul, King Saul in the Old Testament and you know, when the Holy Spirit left him and he didn’t even recognize, he didn’t know it and he was still trying to do his thing and going with what he thought was right and really disobeying God and he didn’t even realize the spirit had left him, and I thought, oh Lord, don’t ever let me be there, that’s- then, you know, I don’t know that the Holy Spirit would leave us, but I certainly know that sometimes we ignore Him and He is not working in the way He can work, like you say in the title of your book, to get out of the way so God can do the impossible. You know, I don’t wanna live that way. I want to not be in God’s way.

Terrie (28:14):

I want to get out of His way and let Him do what He wants to do through my life, and I think sometimes it comes down to a minute by minute commitment because we recognize that we’re struggling. You know, this past week we’ve had the silliest example. I mean, I shouldn’t say silly, it’s been very heart wrenching. One of our dogs got out while we were out of town and my son was here, but he didn’t know someone had left the gate open, and so she got out and she disappeared and we still don’t know where she is, if she’s alive or not, and every day we’ve gone out looking and gone out looking and we can’t find her, and no one has seen her. It’s, I said it’s like she was raptured, she just disappeared, and she’s black, and so she, you know, at night when she got out at night, and I’m not surprised no one saw her at that point, but she’s one of those dogs that just never sits still.

Terrie (29:05):

She runs, runs, runs. So you’d think someone would see her, and through this whole thing I’ve just been praying and asking God just, you know, if she’s, if she’s not alive, can we find her body so we can bury her? You know, and I’ve just been trying to tell God what we should do and what He should do, and my daughter and I have really been talking about this because we trust that God has a plan even for the animals of the world. He cares about the sparrows. He cares about my crazy black dog and, and He knows where she is. Nothing happens that He does not know about, and we trust that His plan is good and so should we even be going out driving constantly looking for her, and we’re at the point now after four nights of her being gone that I’m feeling like we need to wait.

Terrie (29:56):

We need to trust and see what He is gonna do because we can’t find her in our own strength. We can’t, we’ve put the word out, we’ve done what we felt like we needed to do, but then we have to wait, and I thought this is such a picture of our Christian life. There’s things that happen and we do what we’re supposed to do, what He tells us to do, you know, like in this case it was contact the shelters, find out if anyone has turned her in, you know, contact. We have a whole network here of people who work with trying to find the pets and stuff, and so we did that, that was important. We had her have a collar, she’s chipped, you know, so if someone finds her, they should be able to contact us, and so this striving, striving and agonizing every day, driving through the neighborhoods, wasting time doing that, God is kind of putting on my heart.

Terrie (30:45):

That’s not what you need to do, and I just, it was just that He kept drawing this parallel between what I do in my walk with Him so many times. I’m trying to make things come together. Striving, striving. I’m a pastor’s wife too, you know, trying to make a program or whatever work and get people involved and you strive, strive, strive when what we need to do is step back, trust and pray and see God unfold what He wants to do and, oh my goodness, what a peace that brings. Even in our situation with our dog that has brought peace to know that we need to wait. That He’s in control. And if we never see pepper again, we know that she probably passed away, and God knows there’s… Even though that’s hard, and that causes grief, that’s also peaceful to know that we’re trusting Him and we’re not striving.

Terrie (31:40):

And that to me is, is the place where in my walk, that I’m constantly feeling the Holy Spirit saying, just surrender, just stop, and I think, I think that’s why your book, the trailer for your book so spoke to my heart because I know that as a believer, I’ve been a Christian since I was seven, and always wanted to be the good girl and trying to live out that life and then being a pastor’s wife living in the fishbowl and always feeling like I wanna just rest in God’s arms. I just wanna be in His throne room and be in His presence and stop the striving, and so I think that’s why it resonates with me so much. But I love what you’ve said and I love what you’re presenting to people and I just, I just pray that God uses this book and that we can understand His vision for our walk with Him.

Michelle (32:40):

Thank you. Yeah.

Terrie (32:41):

Well, before we finish today, I do wanna take a minute to talk about your children’s book because I think it is an important book. It’s coming out in October and it’s called The Hall of Faith, and so for just a moment before we end today, can you just share a little bit about that book?

Michelle (32:58):

Yeah. So Hall of Faith is a retelling of the Hebrews love and passage that talks about the faith kind of being what’s unseen and the obedience or what’s hoped for, and it does say that’s what the ancestors were commended for, and so it goes into each Bible person that is a part of that whole of faith and what they did to make their faith grow, and the repetitive phrase throughout the book is that God, that they believed that God could be trusted, and so when we have faith, and we trust in God fully, that’s when our faith grows, and those are tangible ways in which we can really grow our faith in practical ways where we can be the demonstration of Christ’s example to the world, and so it’s a great building block and I encourage parents to not only use the book and simply read the story to them, but also use it in tandem with the Bible so they can see exactly where it’s located there, but also help them understand the Bible for themselves.

Michelle (33:58):

And just like a lot of passages in the Bible, The Hall of Faith really does highlight a very messy lot of people who should not be there at all for what they did, but yet, as usual Christ demonstrates that it’s not what we do, it’s what’s been done for us on the cross, and so we include people like Rahab and other people who have a messier story whose lives were not perfect, but because of their trust in God and their demonstrations of faith through tangible acts God was able to move mightily for His glory and to make a difference in the world, and so that’s the reason why I wanted to write the book. There was really no Hebrews 11 tellings anywhere. I’ve partnered with Lifeway being each kids as a part of their one big story, the Gospel project brand, which is a very popular brand that’s used in a lot of curriculums and churches throughout the United States.

Michelle (34:53):

And so we’re really hoping that this book not only helps highlight more biblical knowledge for kids, particularly in Hebrews, but also helps them understand that they all can be a part of the Hall of faith in today’s world, but it’s through their tangible acts of faith because they trust God is how it’ll get them there, and so we want kids to understand that the Bible is not just some ancient text that’s separate from them to know, but rather it’s a book to be lived out in everyday life, and so I hope that this book will be used as a supplement to the Bible for kids and parents to understand the story a little bit better.

Terrie (35:29):

Yeah, I love that. Well, I’m very excited about both of your books and what God is doing through you and I just pray that He continues to use you as a writer, as an editor, as a pastor’s wife to see, to bring glory to His name, and you know, I normally don’t end our episodes with prayer, but I really feel like let’s pray, I wanna just pray for those who are listening today and watching the video. If you don’t mind, can we just do that for a moment?

Michelle (35:56):

Sure. Do you want me to pray?

Terrie (35:59):

Yeah, you start and I will finish.

Michelle (36:01):

Okay, sounds good. Father, thank you for a moment just to be with you. Father, I thank you for Terrie and her obedience to do the podcast that she’s doing, Lord, that she can highlight people who are doing works for you out of obedience. Lord, thank you that we can talk about our faith and we can talk about you freely without any sort of fear of persecution, you know, by physical means as in other third world countries that are experiencing that right now, and Lord, just pray, I pray a special blessing on Terrie and for her podcast that they would be reaching constantly reaching new and more people as she strives to do what you’ve called her to do out of obedience, and Lord, I just ask that you would bless the Hall of Faith and I surrender all that these would be books and resources for people who are struggling. I want to write books that are for seasoned Christians that are struggling but wanna go deeper with you, and so, Lord, I thank you for the experiences you’ve given me. Lord, thank you that I can say thank you to you now after four years of going through a very difficult time in my life, and that it’s because of your redemptive nature that I’m able to write these resources that can be a hope to others as they might go through a similar trial, and so I just, I thank you for these things, Lord, and I thank you for what you’re about to do through us.

Terrie (37:19):

And Lord I too thank you for what you’ve done in Michelle’s life and and for how you’ve brought those words to the page so that she can encourage us and we can learn more of how to follow you, and God, I do pray for each person who is listening or watching this podcast that you would help each one of us to know what it means to surrender, whether we’re surrendering in a tough time or we’re surrendering in a good time because we’re striving too hard. That we would rest in you, that we would trust you and that we would walk with you in just a way of peace and grace and not the striving that we tend to do as human beings. I pray too, father, that you would give each of us a realistic and true vision of who you are, that we would know your word and stay with the truth of who you are, what your character is, that you are a good God who has a good plan and that your plan will prevail. I pray that you would tear down the lies and the deceit and the false teachings that are bombarding people today, but that your truth would shine through in all things, and God, we know we are failures all the time in our walk with you, that we do not always surrender, that we do not always deny ourselves, but I pray that you would speak to our hearts and convict us and show us the way, and that you would help us to walk more faithfully as we seek to follow you more and more each day. Lord, I thank you that you are faithful and that you are kind and loving and forgiving. I thank you that you are long suffering with us when we fail again and again, and I thank you most of all, that you pour out your grace and your mercy in our lives, that you are a God of redemption. A God who uses flawed people to bring glory to your name, and that is our heart’s desire, Lord, that we would glorify you, that we would make your name known among the nations guide and direct us and help us to walk faithfully. In Jesus name we pray. Amen. Well, thank you so much, Michelle, for being here. I appreciate this. I’ve enjoyed talking with you so much.

Michelle (39:36):

Yes, me too. Thank you so much for having me.

Terrie (39:39):

We’re so glad you joined us today for “Everyday Discipleship, Every Day,” and with the conversation with Michelle Lazurek, and I hope you were challenged and blessed, maybe convicted of some things in the conversation, but our prayer is that however God has used this, that we would obey Jesus’ command to make disciples as we reach and equip this generation of believers to reach and equip the next generation of believers with everyday discipleship every day.

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