Like Playing Piano for a Cow 對牛彈琴

This is a Chinese idiom, and it is one of my favorite ones. I picture Mozart playing his heart out in a field of cows–beautiful, powerful music filling the air. And the cows stand there chewing on grass (or worse, their cud) not able to understand the genius of the music being played.

Lately, my concern has been that in some ways those who are sharing the Gospel, teaching God’s word, and trying to answer the needs and questions of this generation are like playing piano for a cow. I know God’s Word never returns void. And I hold on to that truth so much today. Otherwise, I think some, including myself, may grow weary in the well-doing.

I listen to several apologists, and I pray for their ministries. They are so needed. We have a generation today around the world that knows almost nothing about God and the truths of the Bible. Many are not even curious about them. Many have believed what others have told them, which have been blatant lies and “ear tickling.” Others are hostile to the Gospel. And others just aren’t teachable about anything, but especially not about spiritual things.

But thankfully, as in every generation, there is a remnant of faithful followers and those seeking to know God more. When I see young adults on fire for God and standing firm in their faith when their friends think they are utter fools, I am so thankful and pray for their continued faith and strength. The four soils discussed in Mark 4 still exist even though some seeds may fall into the cow pasture and never appreciate the beauty and power of the Gospel.

I write all this, not to be negative or sad, but to help us realize the need for prayer. It’s our greatest tool and biggest hope. God can turn stone into living hearts. He can make the unteachable, teachable. He can even make a cow appreciate Mozart if He wanted to. Because with God nothing is impossible.

As we come into this Christmas season, there are two important lessons I never forget from the story of Christ’s birth: We have a Savior! and Nothing is impossible with God!

Will you join me in praying for this generation of unbelievers that they would develop a holy curiosity caused by the drawing of the Holy Spirit in their lives?

Pray for our children that they will choose to follow Christ faithfully, that we will answer their questions and doubts with openness, and that they will not be misled by the lies of the enemy.

And would you pray for this generation of believers (ourselves included) that we would be filled with the wisdom of God to be able to always give an answer for the hope in our hearts, and that we could be able to share the true, clear Gospel of the Bible with the world?

And, finally, would you pray with me that those who are teaching a false gospel would be silenced and corrected by the Holy Spirit, and that they would return sharing the Truth with more conviction than they ever taught their lies?

Let’s pray. Let’s read our Bibles. And let’s share God’s love and amazing grace with this world, even if sometimes it truly is like playing piano for a cow.

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