Leaving a Legacy

A popular Christian song on the radio which I love says, “I don’t want to leave a legacy. I don’t care if they remember me. Only Jesus.” (Casting Crowns, “Only Jesus”) And I agree with that. If all people remember about me is that I loved Jesus, and they just think about Him and forget about me, I think I could be very happy with that. But I do want to leave a legacy in that I purposefully work to build disciples. It’s not the kind of legacy that results in plaques with our names on them, but the kind that shows God is real in our lives, and our testimony has affected our children and grandchildren in positive, eternal ways.

We pass on our physical DNA to our progeny. What is our spiritual DNA?
D – Discipler – we give the truth of Jesus and help them grow into the people God created them to be. We help the next generation learn to follow Jesus and lead His church for the generation following them. We help them walk in freedom and forgiveness and learn the ways and mind of Christ and all He has taught us.
N – Nurturer – we give the next generation hope and confidence in the fact that God can use their lives and that He has created them as His image-bearers, encouragers, leaders, teachers, and creators. We nurture the bent that God has created in each one individually.
A – Advocate – we give them the encouragement and security they need so they can stand in the days to come. We are their biggest cheerleaders, but not their flatterers. We aren’t here to puff people up but to help them see their purpose and destiny in God’s plan. And we will stand with them and fight for them every step of the way. We do all we can in bringing up our children to help them get their needs met so they can be healthy and whole.

When I was growing up everyone talked about the generation gap. I know that still exists and will always exist in humanity, but as I become the grandma age, all I feel is pride and hope that this generation will stand firm in the truths of God and walk faithfully following Him.

“We are cheering for you, we are praying for you, and we are here for you.”

I know some have strayed from the truth, but what that has done is make those who are following the truth stand out stronger than ever. The integrity and determination of those who are truly sold out to Christ in this generation is amazing and God-glorifying, and I know God has a plan for this generation. They are fearless. They obey the Lord. They want to make a difference, and they have no fear in loving who many consider unlovable.

The contrast is stark. Those who don’t yet know Christ seem so vulnerable and weak. Those who know Christ and His word stand like soldiers with strength and dignity.

I pray for those who are trying to straddle the line between fully committing their lives and families to Christ and following the ideas of the world. There are those who are playing games with God and others who have followed a false Gospel of either judgment and wrath, name it-claim it/I’m in charge theology, or a variation of New Age theology that has crept into some churches. Some of these wonderful young people have been disillusioned and hurt. There are some who are compromising their faith, transgressing their consciences, and as a result are hurting the testimony of Christ Who they claim to follow. BUT, the good news is that forgiveness is right here, right now if they will truly choose Christ. Restoration, freedom, and a real relationship with God is right here.  

I pray for those who know nothing or little about the True God. The world around us is teaching so many untruths about life, death, and reality. The result is a hopeless and often victimized group of young lives. We are being fed an endless ocean of other philosophies disguised in American rhetoric. I pray God opens blind eyes and sets people free.

I really believe this generation could likely see the last big revival in the Church. Hold on to Truth. Know God’s word so you are not deceived. Stand firm. Trust God. We are cheering for you, we are praying for you, and we are here for you.

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