Video Tools for Reading, Studying, Memorizing, and Meditating on the Bible

I wanted to share a few videos that help as we learn to read our Bible correctly. I find these videos helpful. I hope you do too.

In this video, the host hits on several very important practices in understanding each book of the Bible.

This video deals with important understanding of the continuity and truth of Scripture. Other videos that are great for this are done by J. Warner Wallace. You can find those on YouTube too such as Is the Bible Actually True? and Why You Can Trust the Bible.

This is a short video that quickly outlines how to read the Bible well.

Love the tips and truths shared in this video.

Great beginner Bible study tips. I love her channel too. Many of these are some of my favorite channels on YouTube.

This whole channel is amazing. This video gives great ideas for building habits of memorizing Scripture.

This is a new channel to me, but I love his clear description and explanation of Christian Scriptural meditation.

I hope all these tools help you as you dive into building habits of Bible reading, Bible study, Bible memorization, and biblical meditation.

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